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World’s fastest Internet at Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the places that offer best education in the world, but now in addition it is the fastest place of internet.  In the United States where people regularly throng the internet, Berkeley ranks the first in the fastest internet followed Chapel Hill, N.C., Stanford, Calif. and Durham. According to a report by Akamai a webhosting company last week, Berkley ranked the fastest in the broadband connection for the fourth quarter of 2009. Akamai’s clients include Apple and Hulu.

According to S Waggener, Vice chancellor of Information and Technology, “UC Berkeley connects to the Cairen network, which is used for statewide research and education, high capacity is provided via multiple high bandwidth connections”

Senior public relations manager for Akamai Jennifer D said that, around the globe there are sixty one thousand servers. More than 20% of the internet traffic is tracked by these servers everyday recording the download time taken and the requests given to them.

S Waggener, VC said that two independent sets of connections are used to provide reliability, 13 gigabits per second by one set and 10 gigabits per second by another set. UC Berkeley senior Jose Roberto said, “I routinely use the campus network due to its poor connection at home”
Director of market intelligence at Akamai David said,” College towns likely enjoy these higher measured speeds due to the high bandwidth connections available at the universities.”