300mbps Broad band power boost up using Copper by Alcatel

Vanhastel director of product marketing at Alcatel-Lucent Wire line Networks said  that,Bell lab researchers have proved out the 300Mbps technology using VDSL2 (Very high bitrate Digital Subscriber Line) for a distance of 400 meters. Two Copper lines can be used to move data at 300mbps (megabits per second), based upon the innovative technology found out by Alcatel-Lucent.  So far it has been tested out in the lab and it won’t be available for real time until next year. Also the test conducted in the lab showed that even 100mbps data can be transferred over a distance of 1,000meters.

According to Vanhastel, within 15-20 years all homes will have fiber optics and it is the ideal long term solution, while on the meantime copper networks has to be maintained to offer high speeds to the homes that do not use a fibre.
Vanhastel quoted that, “It is a really complex technology that requires … you to process gigabytes of signal data just to calculate the noise patterns.”
Copper has been used as a broadband medium all over the globe. According to a research by Point Topic, DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is used by 65% of the customers, 20% of the customers use cable and the rest 12% use fibre optics. In Western Europe and Asia pacific DSL speed varies between 9.2 Mbps, while in South and East Asia it varies 1.9Mbps
The two vendors Alcatel-Lucent and LM Ericsson have planned for field trials during 2010 and it will commercially available from 2011