TiSP –The In-home Wireless Broadband Service

Google introduces the new wireless broadband services named TiSP which means Toilet Internet Service Provider.  It is basically for in-home internet users. It is fully functional that everyone accesses it from inside their home.


It is end to end operation. It is a wireless operation carried by a TiSP wireless router connected using fiber optic cables through sewage lines with one of the TiSP nodes.


The installation of TiSP is very easy. The following are the steps to be followed to install this:

  • Take the fiber optic cable from the installation kit and attach the loose with the sinker.
  • The weighed end should be dropped into the sinker and flush it. Flushing made the weighed end to connect with the TiSP node using the plumbing system.
  • Carefully remove the cable from the spindle without allowing the cable to slip into the toilet.
  • Connect the cable with the TiSP router which designed specially to withstand the force of flushing.
  • To install the required Google toolbar insert the installation CD and run the setup utility.
  • No need to set the network settings of the computer which is automatically installed by the TiSP Software.
  • You will be online within an hour so that the cable should have reached the TiSP nodes for which the plumbing dispatchers will remove the sinker line and connect the line with their global network.

Safe Usage:

TiSP provide safe usage because of its using the fiber optic cable. It won’t get affected by our daily flush activities. It is Vacuum sealed to prevent it from water.


The main drawback is TiSP is useful only for flush type sinker user inside the home.  Also for connection it requires central sewer systems. It won’t support automatic toilet cleaners. We can’t use it from outside of the home.


  • It can give a maximum download speed of 32 Mbps which means 40 times of the basic DSL.
  • The maximum upload speed is 8 Mbps.
  • Google offers free services for a download speed limit of 8Mbps.
  • For mobile use the TiSP on the Run (TiSPOTR) is in progress which we can expect soon from them.