Tony Abbott says NBN can be made Faster as well as Cheaper

If Tony Abbott wins in the next federal election, Tasmania could be the only state that will receive a high speed broadband connectivity. Mr. Abbott quoted that “I won’t specify yet what might be targeted but if you want to cut spending, look at the NBN.” He also added that, “Not proceeding with it could save billions of dollars.”

In order to curb Kevin’s “reckless” spending, Mr. Abbot   has decided to take in hands the $43 billion project as his prime election target.
The Government said that connecting fibre cables to ten million homes takes more time and money; also it claimed that it needs more patience to finish the project. But at the same time opposition says that there is a cheaper and faster way to implement the project.

Tony Smith the spokesman for Opposition communication said that, “Coalition would favour a plan that revived parts of the Howard government’s cancelled Opel project for a $1.9bn rural and for a regional broadband network using wireless and wired technology.”

NBN Chief Michael said that, “It wouldn’t be a problem rolling back the NBN because you would just stop construction.” Tasmanian National Broadband Network is a project with the joint venture of Aurora Energy, NBNCo and the Tasmanian government. After the completion of the project within the next four year 200,000 Tasmanian homes and businesses will receive a higher broadband speed of 100mbps.  The first commercial service will be available in July and more than five thousand business groups in Midway Point, Scottsdale and Smithton will be privileged to use this service.