High Speed broadband for Business centers by 5G Telecommunications

A powerful high speed broadband service will be provided  to business centers by 5G telecommunications which was previously called as Universal telecom. It is an UK based broadband service provider that offers high power broadband to its subscribers. 5G telecommunications are specialized in providing broadband solutions to business centers as well as for the marketing solutions. The officials at 5G telecommunications said that their new services will use “FTTC” or Fiber to the Cabinet connections to offer high speed.

A maximum download speed of 100mbs will be provided to the customers who sign up for their new connections, also they guarantee 15mb download speed for all the customers.

A company spokesperson from 5G telecommunications announced that, ““The potential download speeds businesses can experience are second to none, as is service reliability, and of course this is something which can’t be compromised in the business world.”

Multi channel video, voice and high speed services are offered by FTTC networks. Most of the business services are impressed by the broadband solutions provided by 5G telecommunications.