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Significance of Teaching Yoga for the Pre-School Toddlers by the Day Care Centres

A study exposes that about 64% of children in Australia aged 5 to 8 failed to meet the physical activity recommendations. If you are parent who is an office goer, it would be impossible to keep your kids physically active. So to help you with the pre-school learning and to explore your kid’s body and mind child care centres five dock lends you a helping hand. Childhood is the stage that is so delicate but can be moulded easily on proper training and child care five dock. In this blog, let’s see about the importance of yoga in keeping your tiny tot physically active at child care five dock nsw.

Yoga in the Early Childhood

Yoga at the child care centres five dock is different from the yoga that is taught to the adults. Children learn easily when anything is taught in a playful manner and yoga is not exceptional. Childcare yoga professionals teach your children simple breathing and meditation techniques, which help you kid to relax and concentrate. Yoga makes your children emotionally stable and, physically fit and active. Let’s see how yoga can be taught in an easy way for your kids,

  • Start with the simplest yoga asana.
  • Demonstrate the posture.
  • For every asana devise a story, so that the kids will be so interested.
  • If possible try to train yoga with games like musical yoga and make it fun.

Benefits of Yoga in Children

Yoga is considered as the union of spirit and body. Children who are well-trained in yoga can handle any stressful or emotional situation. The following are the physical as well as cognitive benefits of yoga in your children,

  • Boosts Physical Strength

Yoga tones the muscles and strengthens the joints in the body. It increases the stamina and develops a flexible body. The calcium in the bones is retained through the weight- bearing postures.

  • Develops Balance And Co-Ordination

Yoga postures help in promoting the physical and mental balance and coordination. On proper practicing, your child will obtain a proper physical balancing which will be reflected in the emotional balancing and coordination. By doing the balancing postures, your kids will feel a sense of accomplishment.

  • Increases Focus And Concentration

Practicing yoga postures trains your mind to focus and concentrate. Focusing and concentration help your kid in achieving better grades and results in their academic and sports domain. Yoga postures and breathing exercise helps you to intake more oxygen, which in turn improves the memory and learning ability of your tot.

  • Improves Self-Esteem And Confidence

When your child masters a yoga posture, it creates a sense of confidence and self-esteem in your kid. Yoga provides your kid the insight of understanding themselves, persevere, and to work towards their goal.

  • Obtain A Sound Body In A Sound Mind

As the saying goes, ‘face is the index of the mind,’ yoga helps to find the inner peace that alleviates stress, improves the relationship and social awareness. Yoga also calms the nervous system by stimulating the spinal cord.

Thus in a technology-overloaded world make your kids learn yoga to acquire the art of relaxing their body.