Remote Education a great benefit for Remote Education: IT expert

The National Broad band Network of Australia has proposed to expand its broadband network with $43 billion to provide remote education. The Northern territory would experience vast benefits with the upgrade of the broadband services said Gould, Director of Information Technology, Charles Darwin University.

Mr.Gould also said that, “To be kind to the current system, we’ve essentially been operating with technology worthy of the Dark Ages,” He also added that, “An upgrade of current limited bandwidth in the Territory has been long overdue, and will essentially bring us on to a level playing field with other states and universities.”The Governments $25 million for implementation broadband services will create a turning point around the country.

University main markets were overseas and interstate and this upgrading will result in great benefits to online education said Mr.Gould. He also quoted that, “The possibilities surrounding online education and the delivery of remote education to communities in the NT will be multiplied tenfold, it’s an upgrade we desperately need and one that should have the support of every IT enthusiast in the country.”