4 G Wireless Service by Time Warner, Comcast Corp

4G wireless broadband service will be provided by Comcast Corp and Time Warner Cable. Sprint Nextel is vague about the offers and plans provided by them. The cable firms will roll out the fourth generation wireless technology along with their other products.

Spokesman for the Time Warner Matt said, “The service will be available through the receivers that would attach to computers’ USB ports.” The company will provide 4G wireless along with its cable television, digital phone services and road runner internet acess.

Same as sprint, Time Warner and Comcast are the major investors in Clearwire Corp which will be rolling out 4G to the country. 4G technology or WiMax will be ten times faster than the current 3G networks. Sprint, Time Warner and Comcast will sell out the devices 3G and 4G to customers where Wimax signal doesn’t reach