70 percent of Australians use Internode Broadband

Internode has reached nearly 70 percent of the Australian users through their ADSL2+ services. Cost for broadband has been revised, combo plan a combination of broadband along with telephone costs $49.95 for a month, if the subscriber wants to use a third party line he has to spend $59.95 per month. Subscribers will be offered 128Kbps when the data limit exceeds 50GB.

Through 550 zone 1 Telstra exchanges Internode has expanded its ADSL2+ connection. It offers a good coverage with sub-exchanges and for RIM connected subscribers. Fast plans of Internode have also been revised with a wide choice of price and download limits. ADSL2+/ADSL1 are available throughout the nation. Present customers can remain on their current plans or shift to FAST plan through their online website. The company stated that, ‘Existing Internode Easy Broadband services have been rebranded Internode Easy Broadband Classic, and all new signups to Internode Easy Broadband will be provisioned with the new version of the plan’.