A Million New Zealanders benefit from Chorus

Fiber Optic cable is laid to most of the homes in New Zealand to provide high speed broadband services to more than one million citizens. Chorus provides this service to its clients all over the country.
Local telecommunication network operator switches to 1,800th fiber fed cabinets.  Ratcliffe CEO of Chorus said that it is the largest initiative taken to improve the local broadband network. He also added that, “Bringing broadband equipment closer to people means they can experience faster broadband speeds, so for two years now Chorus has been busy extending the fibre network into neighbourhoods around New Zealand.

In that time we’ve laid 1,500km of new fibre just for this project and connected 340,000 customers to our fibre-fed cabinets, so things are really humming along”
Christchurch manufacturers and Eaton Power quality plays an important role in establishing 25 cabinets a week.
Ratcliffe also added that, “Service providers are deploying new VDSL2 broadband equipment which can generally double broadband speeds again for customers within about 1km. More than 50 percent of customers connected to our cabinets are within 500m and 90 percent are within 1km, so the platform we’re building will help make the most of these advances.”

During March 2008, in point Chevalier Chorus began its program by installing 3,600 fibre fed cabinets for a distance of 2500km.Chorus has planned to provide a broad band speed of 10-20mbps t0 eighty percent of its customers in the end of 2011