Arabia Complex receives Telecom service from Etisalat

New city of Arabia complex which is situated in the centre of Dubai City will be getting high speed broadband services and advanced telecommunication facilities from Etisalat. The City of Arabia consists of four separate four elements and they are fused together to form a single large mall.  It includes the Restless Planet a theme park, Planetarium and earth science museum. Residential living area called as Wadi walk and thirty four commercial buildings include in this Mall. Nearly 32,000 (thirty two thousand) residents can dwell once the project is completed fully. The complex will be thrown open at the end of the next year.

Etisalat has signed an agreement with The City of Arabia to provide advanced fiber optic networks to all the customers and residents of this mall. Landline service as well as mobile broadband services will be available here, also GSM will also be added up.

High speed fixed and mobile brand services will be provided to commercial as well as retail units, this will be of great help to increase the productive and efficiency of the services. The broadband services will also be highly cost effective and be competitively priced.