Australia to roll out National broadband Network (NBN) to all Citizens

The Australian Government has announced recently that they would be setting up a high speed broad band service to all its customers through National Broadband Network (NBN). Mr. Abbott, the leader of opposition said that, “I do not think a $43 billion broadband network is necessary, it is merely a recreation of the nationalized telecommunication company”

Federal member of Barker, Mr.Secker said that, “This is just another example of the incompetence of this Labour government.” He also quoted that, “Labour went to the last election promising 99 per cent coverage for $4.7 billon, not the 43 billion they are talking about now, We said it wouldn’t work and we were right”

Tony, the spokes man of opposite communication said that, “the Coalition would scrap the NBN and replace it with a different and more responsible scheme.”
But Mr. Secker said that, “We were covering virtually every Australian with our system at a lot more efficient cost and without the philosophical problems that Labour with private enterprise delivering something that can be dome far better than government, We had system in place that was going to work quite well,”

Conroy, the communications minister said that, “Australia has the third most expensive and slowest broadband for small businesses across the whole Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development”.
But Australia’s National Broad Band Network (NBN) would benefit thousands of citizens by providing high speed broadband at affordable rates.