Broad Band usage doubled within three years in New Zealand

People who are using broadband are in the rise every year. Few years back broadband connections in homes of rural areas were less likely used by people, while compared to that of urban areas. This is mainly due to the cost factors these rural people are continuously using dial-up services. Advancement of science and technology has lowered the cost of broadband connection which has made easy access for rural people to access broadband.

In 2009 more than one million New Zealand homes used broadband services and this is double to the number from three years ago. In 2006 one in five (1 in 5) homes had broadband connections in rural areas, but the scenario has changed completely with one in two (1 in 2) homes having broad band connection now.
From a three year survey of 15,000 households in New Zealand, there was a steady increase by three quarters of people who have access to the internet. This was 38% higher on survey in 2001.
Broad band is used by 72 per cent of people to send or receive mails, while 37 % use it for social networking purpose. 25-44 year age group of people is ones who make online purchase the most.

In the last three years mobile phone users have also increased largely ranging from 80 percent in 2006 to 85 percent in 2009

It is interesting to know that there is an increase from nine percent to 67 percent in people aged between 65 and 74.