Broadband Access in Villages

Our mother India is one of the fastest developing countries. We are developed in many fields like business, education etc. Now it’s developing in communication field. In telecom field it is advancing towards 3G technologies. This new technologies are very advanced that makes the mobile users to communicate with their loved ones through videos. This has made a new revolution in the telecom field.

The fifth India digital Summit took place on December 7 2010 at Delhi.  In the internet and mobile association the TRAI chairman Sharma spoke about the development of Telecom industries. He said that to resolve the issues in using the 3G technologies the regulator must took part in it. He explained about the future plans to be executed by the government in the development of broadband.

The government has focused to develop broadband in the village areas. They planned to encourage the village cable network sectors that can collect and operate networks in very bad conditions. The plan will extend broadband connections to each and every village in India that has a population of about more than 500 people. This plan will be in action very soon.

The village panchayats in India will be connected to broadband access by 2012 and it will reach the entire villages having the population more than five hundred by 2013. Kathuria the professor of Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) states that a big connection is there between the Gross Domestic Product GDP the economic status and the broadband connections .For every 10% increase in broadband connection will increase the economic status of our country will probably increase by 1.1%.  Now a day this is low because of the lack of broadband connections.

And finally he states that the development of the telecom will can help the development of all other infrastructures. We can’t grow unless and until we use the ingredients we are having for our growth.  We are putting our efforts to put fiber optic cable in the village areas for the usage of 3G technologies in villages.  Soon we will regulate and take the steps for the growth of internet broadband access in villages.  If these plans worked out then our mother nation will attain a great development.