Broadband Price slashed by Internode

Prices of the Home broadband plans are slashed by internode, while both data downloading and uploading will be counted in the monthly quota. Moreover it will be cutting down the price of 100 megabit per second (Mbps) by 35 percentage. FTTH plan has been slashed down from $65 to $119.95. Also the company has come up with new plans of 200GB, costing from $129.95 to $159.95.

Internode has increased data quota for its entry level plan of $49.95, with a 10GB extra data which now has 15GB data quota. Moreover the upload and download speed of the data will be high for the new users.

Jim Kellett Product manager of Internode quoted that, “As this technology moves from novelty to normality, market forces are starting to kick in. With our partner Opticomm, Internode is learning how our customers use their FTTH services and what services they most want.”

The company will be counting both the upload and download speed of the monthly quotas in their new FTTH plans.

Jim also added that, “We are also starting to see increased business utilisation of our Fibre services, so we’ve made important changes to our range of SOHO plans such as introducing static IP addresses and offering quite radical upstream speeds, such as 16 Mbps for our 100 Mbps SOHO plans”