Broadband Regulation to be set up by FCC

FCC plans to redefine the policy and protect the broadband consumers, the future of the broadband will be guarded by the new policies. There are more chances of a battle to explode between the telecom companies and federal regulators.
Scott the policy director of Free press said that, “This policy could determine whether the FCC really has the power to act on its broadband plan.”

Popular telecom companies such as AT&T Inc, Verizon communications and other big players will fight out legally in the court battle to find out who’s the cyber boss. Representative of AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable Inc. and leading industry groups  Genachowski said that, “any move by FCC would be a profound mistake with harmful and lasting consequences for consumers and our economy.”

Scott quoted that, “It seems clear that the FCC will decide that its experiment with classifying broadband as an information service has failed and that they’ll revisit the earlier decision, moreover he added that, “Because of the court ruling, telecom companies now hold all the cards,” he said. “If the FCC does anything they don’t like, they can just go back to the courts and say that the agency doesn’t have the authority to do it.”

Let us wait and see who is going to win the battle, whether FCC or giant telecommunication players.