Broadband users Payless for faster Speeds

According to a recent report Broadband users pay a very less amount for higher speeds and unlimited connectivity, but still most of the customers were unhappy with the service. Speed of the broadband service has been increased by 33% while the bills have been cut down to 4%. Based upon the switch Broadband customer Satisfaction report, only six out of ten users are contented with the broadband service providers
Based upon the poll report with nearly 7,500 customers the average bill has lowered from £175 to £167, also there was an increase in speed from 4.2Mb to 5.7Mb
Satisfaction of customers during the poll has climbed from two percent to seventy nine percent, but only sixty two percent of them were fully satisfied.
O2 has been voted as the best service provider by the customers for the second year, while ninety two percent of the customers are generally satisfied.

BT, Orange and AOL attained the overall customer satisfaction for the second consecutive year. With seventy percent of overall satisfaction Orange became the worst service provider.
With value for money O2 scored the highest with ninety three percent while with sixty three percent BT scored the worst.
Satisfaction of the customers with the overall speed of the broadband dropped from 73% to 71%. More than half of the customers (i.e.) 49% of them were placed on the best fitting broadband plan.