Businesses in Brisbane will get better with New Broadband Plans

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman of Brisbane has decided to get broadband networks with high speed connectivity to the businesses and residents of Brisbane. Based upon a recent survey, speed of the connectivity was more than half (61%) and it was “critical”. Cr Newman said that, “My point to the Federal Government has continued to be if you come to Brisbane you will deal with one local government organization and do a million people and tens of thousands of businesses, So we would like to see NGB progressed in Brisbane first and we are looking into ways to make that happen.’’

The federal government has made new ideas, so as to bring out network to all people across regional, rural and metropolitan areas. Cr Newman has made talks with the government, academic leaders and industry to offer high speed broadband. He quoted that, “Irrespective of what the Federal Government does, they are putting forward proposals because they want a roll out in our city right now,’’ “And there are technologies that dramatically undercut the delivery of that physical infrastructure that we are keen to progress.’’

Cr Newman addressed the audience during the forum at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and said that, “Do you really want to go back to the Brisbane of 1985? “There were no CityCats, there was no outdoor dining, you couldn’t get petrol anywhere after about midday.
“Growth comes with impacts but growth is a lever … to take the money off those development companies (and create) a city with more creativity, culture, innovation, excitement and opportunities for our people.’’

William Thompson, the 17-year-old Kedron State high school student made the Mayor to stumble over his speech and said, “There seems to be an underlying message of `we’re better than other cities’ and I was wondering what’s with that?’’ and the audience broke up with laugher.