Chorus Unveils High Speed Broad Band at Henderson

Chorus is the operationally separate Telecom business unit that manages the local access network in New Zealand. The Chorus network is made up of local telephone exchanges and copper or fibre optic cables that connect approximately 1.8 million New Zealand homes and businesses. Thousands of local residents at Henderson are benefited by the high speed broad band service offered by local telecommunications network operator Chorus.

According to Mark Ratcliffe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chorus, “Each cabinet is equivalent of a mini telephone exchange”.

For the last nine months Chorus has installed 81 new road side cabinets and 48km fibre optic cable to extend ADSL2+ broadband speeds to customers. Upgrading of equipments in telephone exchange is highly benefited by previous customers of Chorus.

The unique goal of this program is to enable the delivery of broadband connections between 10Mbps and 20Mbps to 80 per cent of New Zealanders by the end of 2011.Laying of optical fibers for 77km is in already in progress.

Henderson customers who are near the local telephone exchange will continue to receive service directly from the broadband equipment located at the exchange. The closer you are to the broadband equipment the high speed you will receive. Mr Ratcliffe said that “About 14,000 customers are now connected to the new cabinets which contain ADSL2+ broadband equipment previously located in the local telephone exchange, Around half of homes connected to the new cabinets are within five hundred metres of our fibre optic cable network and ninety per cent within one kilometre. This provides an ideal springboard for even faster broadband speeds in the future through VDSL2 technology and fibre to the home”

Moreover He added that, “Customers also have an important part to play in making the most of the new faster broadband capability; Customer’s broadband service is also affected by factors including their broadband plan, modem, computer, and the wiring in their home or business”

It is good to see many service providers jumping into action to provide high speed Internet services. We have lots of choices now.