‘Competitor advertisements are misleading’: Virgin Media Chief

Virgin one of the leaders in broadband service has attacked the business counterparts for providing false advertisements to the consumers about the speed of internet. He has urged the government to crack down the case as it is investing hundreds of millions of pound for a high speed broadband connectivity to consumers across UK.

Guy Parker Chief executive of Advertising standards Authority (ASA) said that, “The ASA is committed to ensuring that broadband ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful. Technology is developing quickly, which is why we recently asked the bodies responsible for writing the advertising codes to look at broadband advertising speed claims as part of a wider review of the sector. Ads can’t, of course, contain all there is to know about a service but that doesn’t justify headline speed claims that mislead”.

Berkett wants to crack down Ofcom’s marketing claims and wants the government to make the broadband rules stricter. He also added that, “We have been arguing for over a year that DSL operators talking about ‘up to’ 20Mb is grossly misleading; I won’t say lying, but damn close,” he said. You can’t talk about ‘up to’ 20Mb when the majority of customers are getting an average of 6Mb”

Virgin’s media’s 10 mb plans run at 9 on average and previously it was 8.7mb. Its 20mb and 50mb run at 90% of their advertised speed.