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Expert Tips to Generate Qualified Leads Using Facebook

Facebook Lead Generation

It is common for businesses to hear quotes of high dollars per qualified lead.  But, you can save dollars spend on lead generation, if you know how to use Facebook effectively. Facebook marketing in Perth acts as a lead magnet and is considered to be a great tool to attract a huge population who is interested in what you offer. Moreover, the reach of your product and the targeting options are incomparable with any other marketing strategies.

Facebook has been making lead generation easier for marketers and business owners. So, substantial use of this platform will give your business the much-needed boost.

Are you a person who thinks Facebook marketing lead generation in Perth is only limited to lead ads? Then, you are wrong! Facebook has much more than lead ads for you to offer. It is a fact that Facebook leads ads are the great option to push more customer leads to your sales funnel. But, keep in mind that it is not the only approach to gather leads for your business. Here we’ve listed a few techniques that help you not to miss out high-quality leads and enhance your inbound lead generation tactics.

Facebook Forms

With a Facebook form, you can easily convert your Facebook page into a social landing page. You can use a Facebook form in different ways such as,

  • Facebook contact
  • Newsletter subscribe, or
  • Other customised forms

This allows your targeted audience to communicate with you and don’t have to leave your Facebook page. You can create Facebook forms using various online tools and embed them on your Facebook page. It’s that simple!

The Post Anatomy

The classic social media lead generation tactic is posting the link of a recent blog post to direct your Facebook audience to your website and then eventually to the landing page. One crucial factor that you shouldn’t miss out on this process is keeping your Facebook posts visually appealing. Did you know using image posts instead of text-only formats boosts user engagement by 2.3 times?

The key features of a perfect Facebook post are,

  • Have a clear goal and generate short posts
  • Ask for engagement
  • Use an image or link
  • Use a compelling language

To make your Facebook posts even more attractive and magnetic, use employee or client reviews, events, behind the scene footage, live video and more. Recent reports have found that Facebook users spend three times more Facebook viewing time when glues to a live video. The better the quality of your posts, the more users will get attracted to your website.

Another direct and effective way to generate leads is providing links back to your landing page that enables your audience to sign-up a newsletter, access a coupon, or more. You can also host webinars, in which you will be able to create a buzz and makes your event posts stand out. This draws more attention and creates a lasting impression on your audience.

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