FCC Broadband Plan reviewed by senators.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman (FCC), J. Genachowski  delivered the features and plans of future broadband connectivity in the nation on April 14. He presented the broadband plan before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee at  Washington.

FCC Chairman Rockfeller said that “Broadband is more than a technology; it is a platform for social and economic opportunity,”  and added that best Broadband practices will lead to the growth of economy through job creation, centralized solutions for small and medium business, improvement in education and health care.

He assured that the way we connect with communities around the world will be much more efficient and easier with advanced broadband technologies.

The plan of the committee is to do a complete overhaul of broadband systems and policies, thus   regulating access, reforming telecommunications laws, and freeing up portions of the wireless spectrum for future expansion of services. The committee assures that the bottlenecks and other hindrance of the current broadband services will be eliminated.

They called for voluntary relinquishing of portions of the wireless spectrum owned by private industries for example, television broadcasters in an effort to free up the spectrum for use in future mobile wireless services. Some of the Television broadcasters utilize less than 40% of the allotted spectrum usage. These can be shared with new mobile and broadband players.

The committee insisted that the government should play a limited role in the broadband ‘ecosystem,’ As of now,  it follows up with dozens and dozens of recommendations to do exactly the opposite,” said committee member Sen. John Ensign “As I learn more and more about the National Broadband Plan, I see a lot more federal spending, a lot more FCC regulation, and a lot more government involvement in broadband.”

Let us hope this will bring in a massive overhaul of the existing broadband policies.