Few Facts about Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection has revolutionized the world of communication. It is the process of sending and receiving information at a very high speed through a connection which is always on. Broadband connection is faster than dial up connection and you can actually download music videos and surf web pages in seconds rather than hours. Downloading program files becomes much easier through broadband.

There are many types of broadband connection like ADSL, cable modem, satellite, and wireless. Among them the most common is the ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line).DSL which means Digital Subscriber Line, uses the phone line to transfer the data to the subscriber but at a frequency higher than that used for usual telephone calls. This connection can manage both the internet connection and the phone line at the same time. Therefore you can actually enjoy talking on your phone while surfing the net.DSL has two types ADSL and Symmetric DSL .ADSL has high speed downstream connection, 544 kbps up to 6.1 Mbps, but slow upstream connection, ranging from 16 up to 640 Kbps.

In cable connection the information is transferred by the cable television to the subscriber through an optical fiber .the bundle of optical fiber can transfer the data without tampering signal frequencies in any way.

Apart from this, IDSL, HDSL, and SDSL are also broadband connections. While IDSL is similar to DSL, it works well when the travel is more than 6 miles. However IDSL is not provided by ADSL providers. HDSL is High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line. It is used for wideband transmission from the provider to the subscriber and at both the ends the bandwidth is same. It is also used within a close circle like an office.

Therefore choose the type of broadband connection which suits your purpose and need. Stay connected, Stay ahead.