Growth of Communication and India

The number of internet users in India will boost up by 200 million customers with low price computers, notebooks and cheaper broadband connectivity, while the countries wireless service WIMAX will reach 19 million by the end of the year 2012. According to a recent study, the customers of WIMAX will be getting increased by 130% every year. Currently most of the customers are using data cards, fixed lines and mobiles to access the high speed broadband internet.

But there are many problems like interruption of connection, ADSL line faults and Ethernet error, these days new technologies are put into action which has high speed and connectivity to overcome the problems caused by the outdated technologies. In the field of Information and Communication, there has been a rapid change in two aspects they are voice side and data or broadband.  There was a rapid growth in these aspects in the last two year. Voices have been shown tremendous growth in the field of mobile and the broadband has also shown greater improvements in its speed.

Indian communication market can be divided largely into three categories rural, urban and semi-urban. WIMAX and 3G will be soon gaining the market in the urban area. But these will become a rub-off effect on semi-urban areas. 3G will cause a tremendous growth in India leading to a development in technological side as well as on the communication.