High Speed broadband Connection by 2015

The lawmakers at Minnesota has come up with a plan to create a law to provide high speed broadband connectivity to all the Minnesotan. This law aims to provide high power broadband to everyone by 2015.

The law was signed last week by Gov.Tim, the measure taken by law makers helps to create broadband connectivity to more than six percent of the Minnesota’s home. More over the law will also have a standard for internet speeds, a download speed of 10 megabits per second and upload speed of 5 megabits per second has been set up a limit by the State officials. Set up speed is double the speed currently used by the broadband customers.

Those high speeds will of great use to the subscribers; they can visit the doctor from home, attend or take a class and can send or receive large amount of data’s as per their requirement said Rick King Chief Technology Officer at Thomsen Reuters.
Moreover King added that, “It says specifically Minnesota should be in the top five states in the U. S. for broadband speed, top five states for broadband access and the top 15 among countries globally for broadband penetration.”

Mitchell a researcher from Minneapolis based Institute for Local Self Reliance said, “For a city or a county to build a network and offer services…they need to have a sixty five percent yes referendum, which means the opponents which are typically cable or telephone companies have to convince or confuse a minority of people to vote against it.”