High speed internet by spending $76.6 million

Canadian Industry minister Tony clement told that broadband internet coverage will be expanded to 169,000 customers. Many remote areas of Canada lacks in broadband connectivity and the government has planned to spent nearly $76.6-million to provide broadband connectivity to all the residents of Canada as well as for the people in remote areas.

High speed broadband connectivity was given much importance during the 2009 budget by the federal government. This broadband connection is a part of the $225 million project; it is aimed to improve connectivity in rural and remote areas to stimulate the economic productivity.

The inconsistent broadband coverage led the Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications Commission to call for a public hearing in the fall to investigate whether a new regulatory framework should be put in place to ensure universal access to affordable broadband service
Lack of proper broadband connectivity can cripple growth of business. Many companies suffer and cannot plug in for the information access and data storage as a result of poor connectivity.