Hinterland gets Broadband access

Canada’s federal government has planned to provide broadband connectivity all the citizens outside the major metropolitan centres. James Moore the Canadian heritage minister said that this initiative would provide internet connection to nearly 82,000 households in Quebec and 169,000 households all over the country.

High power broadband will be accessible to 52 projects territories and nine provinces. Ottawa will pour $76.7 million for internet access to Matane, Joliette, Kamouraska and Natashquan. Government would be providing fifty percent of the onetime costs.

Moore added that, “There’s a gap between urban and rural Canadians in terms of their choices and the speed of the access to the Internet,” High-speed Internet matters for all Canadians because it’s the speed at which you can create and at which you can do business. This is a critical element to economies.”
Based upon the report by Harvard University, the internet access has grown more gradually when compared with the other countries in the past years.