Improved Broadband Services by TRAI

TRAI- Telecom authority of India has planned to bring out the views of various stake holders both from the current and future service providers, content providers, equipment manufacturers and technology providers. With an Rs.18,000 crore budget government has planned to reach 2.5 lakh gram panchayats using five lakh km fiber optic cable.

Moreover TRAI will release a consultation paper on broadband during the end of this month to improve broadband penetrations.  Government thinks that it is a good chance to get into broadband arena deeper. It follows a six month discussions with the Prime minister, Cabinet secretary and DoT secretary to create a change in the policy of broadband penetration.

As of now there are 600 million mobile phone customers and just 70 million internet users in India and this is due to the lack of innovative business model. The challenge of the broadband sector starts with the very definition of broadband access. India is struggling at a basic level of broadband connectivity while the other countries all over the world have moved to very higher limits. 3G and BWA have these days become a reality.

The broadband access problem would be solved to villages and remote areas with wireless connectivity along with the government’s effort to build a fiber optic network throughout the nation.