Indian Government raises Rs.45, 000 crore through 3G auction

The centre has targeted to spindle Rs.45,000 crore through the 3 G spectrum auctions. According to Citigroup analysts the 3G spectrum could beat the “rational levels”. Telcos will offer high speed data services with 3 G licenses. After nine days of bidding, the amount of auction climbed up to 81.5% (i.e.) to Rs.6, 354 from the base price.

Some of the states in the country received negative response during 3G auction, while this accounted for 50% throughout this nation. More than 15 states showed negative response over the 3G, they include Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and all seven north eastern states. Even after nine days of bidding, these places have not even witnessed 1% increase in auction, also states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh showed negative results during bidding.

3G auctions in Delhi closed with Rs.733.71 crore which is 129.3% higher than the base price, Tamil Nadu at 101.1%, Mumbai with 108.7%, Kerala at 87.6% and Gujarat at 75.2%

TRAI (Telecommunication Authority of India) has given some recommendations for the 3G airwaves same as that of 2G airwaves suggested by Subodh Kumar Committee report. Representatives from telecom department, TRAI and other industries were present in the committee headed by Subodh Kumar. A Raja minister for telecommunication referred this report to TRAI as a part of creating new policy.