Insight of Mobile Broadband users by Optus

Top three applications of broadband users are email, the web to browse and for banking purposes.  Lap top or net book was used for access to 3G wireless by 86% of the people, while the other users opted for smart phone. Iphone, Blackberry and other smart phones were used by the rest 14% of the people. Net book with embedded SIM card is used by one in ten peoples. 7% of the people used laptop with smartphone as a modem.
According to a research by Optus wholesale, 3% of mobile broadband users are in need of mobile data which is increasing day by day. Nearly 17% of prepaid customers recharge their accounts only once in a month.

Based upon the research with mobile broadband users, forty nine percent of the people used wireless broadband to get access from the internet, while fifty percent used fixed service for this purpose and the rest used dial-up connection.

Gavin, group managing director of optus said that, “About 80 percent of respondents were postpaid users. In the prepaid category, 60 percent recharged once a month – the usual period for expiry of download quota – and 17 percent were recharging more than monthly”. He also added that, “It’s evidence that respondents see the benefits of mobility by virtue of the range of other locations.”