More Cities benefit from Starcomms iZAP

Starcomm Plc has unveiled its broadband connection iZAP to the various cities including Ilorin, Kaduna, Abeokuta and Zaria. Tushar Maheswari, the Chief Commercial Officer of Starcomm said that, “the launch is a testimony that the company is committed to helping more Nigerians have the benefit of its superfast broadband service.”

The Nigerian cities will experience fast, effective and reliable broadband service. The Starcomm Plc said that, With the launch in the new cities with Jos and Kano soon to come, the subscribers would be able to experience the thrill of the iZAP superfast broadband services that data subscribers in Ibadan and Calabar, Warri, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Benin City and Abuja have hitherto been enjoying since it came to those cities.”
Tushar also quoted that, “iZAP is capable of providing high speed internet connectivity, Since the company’s deployment of Ev-Do internet broadband services in 2006, the first in the entire West Africa, the communication outfit has not looked back in deploring state-of-the-art data modems and devices of world class standards in the sector.”