Next generation Broadband to be rolled out by BT

BT has planned to roll out its super fast broadband network and has announced to expand its service. But at the same time it has also thirty five thousand jobs in the last two years. The next generation broadband will be expanded to homes from 40 percent to 60 percent and this was reported by the Financial Times. The total estimate of this project will cost around £1.5 billion.

But based upon the report by analysts, unless rival telecom firms rent usage of the infrastructure it would be difficult for BT to make return on the investment. There was a large cut in the employers that is nearly five thousands and this was largely on the temporary workers. Moreover there was a £9 billion hole in the company’s pension fund.
At the same time the company will return a profit of £1.1 billion which incurred a loss of £1.6 billion last year.BT global services has overestimated the income, reportedly including the deals with NHS and Thomson Reuters. Also BT has focused on increasing the profit at global service division, reported the Sunday Telegraph.