O2 topper in providing Cheapest Broadband in UK

Are you weary of paying your landline and broadband bills separately? Mobile phone giant O2 has come with a combo plan in which you can pay off the landline and broadband in a single bill. The cheapest of the plans within UK was launched last week by the mobile phone giant o2. By paying just £17 for a month, it will provide both landline and phone package, along with an 8mb broadband it includes the free calls in evening and weekends. Most people opted for a £20 deal which includes calling facility to landlines and 0845 numbers. In addition you can call to twenty popular destinations all over the world.

According to o2 this plan is available to anyone with a BT line, also Sky and TalkTalk customers can switch based upon their local exchange. Households must have to be an o2 mobile customer to get these prices. Those who are in contract can access the deal, and regular users of pay-as-you-go have to regularly top up £10 every three months while non-o2 users have to pay £5 for a month.

O2 plans are going to cause shockwaves in UK, unlike most other internet packages o2 plans doesn’t have a download limits. Till now TalkTalk was the cheapest home broadband service providers in UK, with £18.48 and with a add up off £4 for unlimited calls per month.

Communication expert at uSwitch.com said that, “O2 has been voted best broadband provider for the last two years in our independent Customer Satisfaction Awards.”