Privacy with High Speed Broadband

More than thirty five percent of the Britons, who use high speed broadband internet, have been annoyed with illegal downloading. According to a recent research, that content from the web are downloaded illegally by 18 percent of the UK web users.
Nearly 74 percentage of the British people opted for copyrighted music, while 41 percent of the people illegally downloaded the films from the internet. Many people made use of the web, to source out the pirated software’s which are cheaper when compare to the original.
According to the report by, pirated content was mostly downloaded by men when compared to that of women. Moreover the illegal file-sharers were in the age group of 18 to 34. Manager of quoted that, “Illegal downloading has become a great issue. Mostly, it is related to film and music industries. Due to the superfast broadband packages, the problem is growing. Many people consider this broadband as an essential part of their life. But still, users who suffer from Wi-Fi hijacking or they have a connection that is shared with multiple users must not be penalized for actions taken by other users”.
Three strike rules can be used to protect internet privacy. People who download illegally anything ranging from films to software will get warning emails as well as letters. Also action will be initiated if a cybercriminal hijacks the Wi-Fi connection.
Furthermore if someone repeats this illegal action, there account will be banned or restricted in speed along with regular legal actions.

Many People are becoming a victim to Wi-fi hacking as they do not use passwords to protect their internet accounts. If your account is highly protected by passwords, then you can keep cyber hijackers at bay.