Reliance Broadband – Connects the World Together

Reliance broadband service is the fastest service as experienced by people. Reliance connection is available in many places and giving better speed than any other broad band service provider. You get very quick response in the ping. In the day as well night you will get the same speed as promised by your service provider. There are various unlimited plans which are very good and cheap.

It also provides data card, wireless connection and prepaid connection. The overall connection is nice but there is only one small problem which people are facing these days that you have low login before browsing. Reliance data cards are most preferable data cards because of its amazing speed.

Reliance always takes their customers as a top priority and always solves their problem very fast. Recently reliance has started new service Wimax in Bangalore and Pune, people are quite satisfied and happy with it, and on the other hand many people are complaining why this service is not in other parts of India. Wimax reduced the overall cost of internet because there will be no wiring cost and all will be wireless. In Bangalore people are quite happy and satisfied with it and many people from other states of India are looking forward to it. No other service provider except reliance has started this service.

Broadband service of reliance has one 3.1 mbps USB internet broadband connection which is as people say one of the best speed USB connections, its speed is 20 times faster than any other connection. It is very useful for running heavy application such as video conferencing, gaming and heavy files.

The installation of data cards is easy in any windows whether its XP, VISTA etc. broadband on this earth is the only thing which is 24*7 and readily available to all. The reliance broadband is affordable as they provide 300kbps at Rs 40 per day and amount Rs 1200 per month.

They are extremely fast in providing services and within few minutes. It has got excellent coverage in many places like Delhi, Pune and Bangalore etc. Reliance covers almost every part of India and providing speed of 3.1 mbps in 35 major cities and around 144 kbps in the rest of 4.5 lacs villages in India.

Isn’t it amazing what more can you ask for? Good speed, affordable price, customer satisfaction and easy availability that is what reliance provides. And all of us require an Internet connection which is completely perfect. It has become an integral part of life. We can’t even imagine our lives without Internet. This is the reason why reliance became so popular as it provides Internet connection without any break. The Internet connection is the core of the whole communication systems.