Sky Broadband Provides Unlimited Service to its Customers

Sky is one of the leading broadband service providers and they have planned to offer free broadband services to its subscribers for a period of six months with a speed up to 20Mbps. It is available at

It is a perfect package for downloading music and for playing games online. Also there is no limit for monthly download, no traffic throttling during peak times, and no fair usage rule.

Additionally subscribers will be provided with a free wireless router and McAfee Internet security. Also they will be provided a free customer and technical support.

Sky TV customers can get free unlimited broadband for six months, which would usually cost around £10 for a month. If any customers join sky a TV and take Sky phone package along with it, they will be charged only for rental. They will also be provided a Marks and Spencer Voucher worth £25 for free.
There are more than 2.5 million customers for the sky broadband, in the first quarter of this year there will be a boost up of 101,000 broadband customers. More than 2.5 million customers use the high definition service provided by Sky+ HD and in the first quarter 428,000 customers will be signing up for Sky+ HD