Smallest State with the Fastest Broadband

Geographically Delaware is one of smallest state in US, but is bigger and higher in terms of broadband speed in US. According to a CDN vendor Akamai’s newest State of the Internet report, in the United States Of America Delaware is the state with high speed internet at an average of 7.6Mbps per connection. This is extremely higher when compared with other states that have a speed of 5.8Mbps. Moreover Delaware leads the nation in broadband connectivity with a whopping 72% clocked with 5Mbps or much higher speed.

Some of the states with 5Mbps or higher connection speed are Massachusetts (5.7Mbps), Connecticut (5.4Mbps), Rhode Island (5.4Mbps), New Hampshire (5.6Mbps), Vermont (5.8Mbps) and New York (5.4Mbps). Some of the states with 5 Mbps or higher broadband connection are Indiana (5.4Mbps), Wisconsin (5.1Mbps) and Nevada (5.5Mbps).
Overall broadband speed of United States Of America is 3.8Mbps and it ranks 22nd when compared with several European and Asian countries in internet speed. With 11.7Mbps South Korea has the highest internet speed, second place goes to Hong Kong with a speed of 8.6Mbps and the third place in broadband speed goes to Japan with 7.6Mbps speed.

Akamai issues quarterly web reports since June 2008 and they collect data’s of connectivity speed through their servers deployed at various global points.