Tel Italia to Boost Broadband Service

The three leaders in Broadband Vodafone, mobile Operator Wind and Fastweb the broadband service provider have planned to reach millions of home within the next 5 years. In the meantime former fixed lime monopoly of Italy Telecom Italia has come up with new plans to provide faster broadband services to fifteen cities in Italy. They have fixed a €2.5bn plan to boost up the service in these cities. Franco the former chief of Telecom Italia said that, “We are ready to face that competition and to respond aggressively”

Naguib Sawiris Egyptian entrepreneur and the owner of the wind said that, charges by Telecom Italia are too high and he also questioned on the quality of the network’s infrastructure. Vodafone’s Chief executive Vittorio told that, regulators to consider and intervene in the European union countries where former fixed line monopoly Telecom Italia failed to  offer high speed broadband networks.