Telstra to launch Ipad with Prepaid Broadband

Telstra has planned to provide ipad along with broadband to all its customers. Most of the customers will benefit from these plans as they have to pay half the amount for their wireless broadband services. Telstra will sell out the Apple ipad 3 G along with prepaid mobile plans. For 1GB data per charge it starts at $20 which is half the $40 the regular broadband service provided by company.

Ross, executive director, Telstra Mobility products said that, “Telstra’s pricing for iPad 3G gives customers control and flexibility to access the Internet on-the-go while connected to the Telstra Next GTM network.” He also quoted that, “Telstra is providing Australians the ability to enjoy 3G on iPad in more places than on any other network.”
Telstra’s plan expire after 30 days, Pricing are as follows

All of Telstra’s prepaid iPad plans expire after 30 days, with pricing as below.
•    $20 1GB
•    $30 3GB
•    $60 6GB
•    $80 9GB
•    $100 12GB
Telstra’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband plans however are considerably more expensive for the same data allowance:
•    $20 225MB
•    $30 400MB
•    $40 1GB
•    $50 2GB
•    $60 3GB
•    $80 4GB
•    $100 6GB