Tips to Boost your Broadband Speed

The speed of your wireless broadband may be a hit or a miss with so many reasons. You can increase the speed of your broadband by following some simple tips.

(1)Buy an Unlocked Modem

When you buy modems for a specific network it may be cheaper, but you have to use that modem for a life period or you will be tied to that network. It is essential to buy an unlocked modem that helps to choose your network or service provider as per your need. Choose a SIM card that fulfills your requirements, if you are a frequent traveler then choose a network that provides uninterrupted connection. In some places where there is lack of connection it will be filled by another provider in 3G network connections.  Telstra, Bigpond and 3 share their networks while Virgin media shares it network with Optus.

(2)Use A USB Cable

Connect your laptop with the USB cable provided instead of plugging the dongle straight into the system. This reduces the electrical interference and provides more reception of the signal. You can get extra bandwidth and high speed from this.

(3)Change Your APN
Different APNs (Access Point Names) are assigned by mobile networks to customers on monthly contracts. Improved Band width can be received by paying an extra amount on the regular contract. You can get every kilobit per second from your connection. Signing up a long term deal with the networks such as Vodafone, 3 or Telstra can provide you high speed access.

(4) Switch to Open DNS
According to Wireless and mobile expert Paul, the DNS servers used in Wireless broadband services “tend to be pretty patchy.” DNS could take a longer time or could result in web address failure. Instead of that open DNS ( can be used if the there is a delay in website loading.