Tips to Enhance Your Broadband Speed

It is easy to enhance the speed of broadband connection using either software or hardware, it increases your data transfer speed and offers high speed connectivity.

(1)Remove unwanted applications that reduce the broadband speed

Few of the applications such as automatically updating antivirus software, Skype and other desktop widgets could make the broadband connection sluggish. Automatically starting applications on start up must be turned off. It could in turn boost up your speed.

(2) Broadband speed must be tested at regular intervals

You might be waiting for a long time to download a particular software or application. But regular checking of the speed helps you to notice the change in speed from time to time. Even a slight variation in speed in microseconds could affect the downloading capacity. You can get it right either by contacting the broadband service provider or removing any unwanted applications in your system that affects the speed of computer. There are much online software’s to evaluate the speed of broadband connection.

(3)Change your modem or router

You may be provided with a modem of specific type when you have signed up for a new broadband connection. If the speed of your internet connection is dropping currently, it is essential to replace modem or router with a new one. 3G modem always require modern modems with latest technology to provide an uninterrupted broadband connection. Antenna type modems are more suitable for 3G connection.

In addition router has to be setup with maximum security as there are chances of people leaching your connection. More they leach the connection will become more slower. Also password should not be obvious it must be strong so as no one cannot  login into your broadband account.