VoIP customers expect more speed from Broadband service providers

Based upon the survey by uSwitch.com a price comparison site, most of the internet providers have failed to provide quality customer service. These day customers are not satisfied with the mere broadband service offered by the companies, but are expecting additional facilities such as IP telephony solutions, high-definition video streaming and on-demand television service.

An UK based broadband comparison site said, “Consumers now expect more from broadband as they are using more and more sophisticated internet service.” High band width services such as VoIP telephones and internet television services are expected by regular broadband subscribers
Philips product director of broadband choices.co.uk said that, “broadband companies could be clearer about what services they are offering”. Also he added that, “consumers would have a more realistic idea of what to expect from their broadband connection if ISPs were more conservative in their marketing”.

Regular usage of VoIP phones could save more money as well as the economy of the nation. High tech internet providers would provide the latest internet services and can get back the complete satisfaction of customers.