WiMax Broadband Service will get a Giant leap in India

Nearly 8.59 million people use broadband in India during the end of February 2010, and there will be a leap of 100 million broadband subscribers by 2014. Spokes person from Intel has told that, “Wireless technologies such as WiMax (worldwide interoperability for microwave access) will drive the broadband growth in India”. Lil Mohan Intel managing director (WiMax programme office-APAC and META business development) added that, “India has over 8.5 million broadband customers as of now and the copper line infrastructure is limited. So going wireless is the only option for India and the growth will come from wireless technologies like WiMax”.

Wimax offers high speed data transfer which helps on faster downloads of data, songs film or anything from the internet. Over the next four years most of the broadband would be on wireless system which is easy for the user as well as the service provider. Mohan also quoted that, “The next few years are big for WiMax and one would see huge growth in numbers. High-speed data access is expected to bridge the urban-rural digital divide and help address concerns of delivering essential services like education, finance and healthcare”.

According to a study by McKinsey, GDP increases by 0.6 percent for every 10 percent increase in broadband penetration in the country. Mohan also said that, “Pricing is going to be important as it has been for the telecom industry. It will provide people access to high-speed broadband, which will further bring in growth for the economy.”  The government of India has assigned Rs.1750 crore for the pan-India spectrum license. 2.3 MHz spectrum of two blocks will be available for auction and bidders can launch their services immediately to increase the broadband services for customers.

There will be a great revolution in broadband connectivity and speed especially in Wireless service within few years. Let’s wait for the Wire free World.