Know about Broadband!

Unlike a dial-up connection where Internet can be accessed by dialing through the phone line, the Broadband providers have the options of transmitting data at a higher speed. In this way, you can actually carry more information than the dial-up connection. When Broadband fist became popular, the speed was 56 kbits per second. Now one can access data at a speed of 30mbits per second. Now it has become economical. However the price of Broadband depends on geographical locations. The sad thing about Broadband is that you cannot have easy access to this connection. Most people in rural areas have to take help of expensive satellite broadband connection in order to get connected with the main Broadband connection. In case of Broadband connection, the users have a number of options like cable, DSL and satellite. In case of DSL line, the subscribers will have to take help of a phone line for carrying the digital signals. In this case, there is no need to convert the signals to analog signals. Most computers use baseband transmissions. In this case, only one signal can be sent through a single wire. If the computer is connected with the printer, the baseband transmission comes handy. The function of a broadband accelerator is to connect the router with the broadband connection. An IP address is generated by the router which is used for transmission.

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