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Questions To Ask While Hiring a Web Design Agency

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Choosing the right web design agency Parramatta for your company’s website revamp might be difficult. While proposals are important, conducting interviews and asking the proper questions can give you with the information you need to make a more informed decision. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask a potential web design agency Parramatta before deciding who will manage your company’s next website overhaul, in no particular order:

Do You Have Any Experience Working With Similar Business?

While this may not appear to be a significant factor, if your company operates in a unique or sophisticated industry, the learning curve for a web design Parramatta company may be too steep (or costly). Choosing a company with industry experience is advantageous, in the same way that hiring a company that has already worked for your similar business is advantageous. If a digital firm does not have experience in your business, it will be extremely difficult for them to make meaningful content, site architecture, or user experience recommendations.

Which Parts Of My Project Will Be Handled In-House Versus Outsourced?

Just because web design and development is listed as a competency doesn’t mean it’s a key service offering or that the agency is staffed with the professionals needed to provide the service properly (and efficiently). Another crucial issue is determining whether all the aspects of your website makeover will be done in-house or not. While not a deal-breaker, relying on third-party providers for parts (or the full) of a website redesign project might add to the project’s complexity, expense, and timeline.

How Do You Go About Designing And Developing A Website?

Process is important in the design and development of a website, and it varies a lot from one agency to the next. Every digital agency has its own internal procedure for managing projects, and some are better than others. It’s helpful to understand what the process is, how it’s carried out, and how it will affect you and your project in the end. It’s also crucial to understand who will be participating in the project and what their responsibilities will be.

Will the Website Be Completely Unique or Will It Be a Customised Theme?

There are many websites out there that claim to be personalised, but they’re simply pre-built themes that have been altered for a certain client. Budget constraints may necessitate the use of such themes; but, if you are paying for and expecting a custom “stick-built” website, you must ask this question. A custom website means that the firm created every pixel of design and layout, and the website was “hand programmed” by a skilled developer.

How Do You Make Sure That The Experience Is Consistent And Usable Across All Devices?

Responsive web design is the Google-recommended (and industry-recommended) best practise for creating a website that is not only mobile friendly, but “friendly” and designed to deliver a consistent and optimum user experience across all devices. Understanding how each company addresses mobile users and responsive design throughout the process will be interesting and possibly eye-opening.

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